make an appointment"I recently took one of Liz's Reiki levels 1 & 2 2-day workshops. She is an amazing guide and teacher who made the experience of learning Reiki truly phenomenal. I highly recommend a session or workshop with Liz as your guide!"

-- Theresa W

"My time with Liz has truly been a gift in many ways. Liz's natural ability and authentic desire to nurture and share her work has been a crucial tool in my healing process. Now part of my self care routine, my sessions with Liz are invaluable."

-- Kayley R

"I am so grateful to Liz for the work she is doing with my 11 year old son. He struggles with anxiety and controlling his emotions. My son was very anxious prior to the first session but Liz was very patient and took time to explain to my son exactly what she would be doing and why, as well as answering his questions. I saw immediate improvement with his mood after the first session. He was more relaxed and even-tempered. As their work continued, the improvements have been even more noticeable and long lasting. She has taught my son and I relation and aromatherapy techniques to use at home as well. Liz is a blessing in out lives!"

--Jen G.

"Liz is POWERFUL! Go see her. No questioning. You found her for a reason. What awaits is destined to be and {is} perfect. I have received energy work and Reiki, consistently for more than a decade. She is the most powerful Reiki Master I have encountered. Period! She also offered an arsenal of other skills. I knew she was powerful before our session; however, during and after session I was extremely impressed and satisfied with her amazing skills. In my one hour-long session with Liz, she removed and balanced stubborn attachments and imbalances I had been working through for months and even years. In addition, the intuitive messages she passed along were accurate. Liz also empowered me through tips to remain in a healthy and releasing space between sessions. She is also available after your session to help you process some things that may unexpectedly appear a few days later. She is a gift to you and a powerful healing tool. You will leave refreshed and flowing. If you are new to Reiki, she's your woman! Happy Healing!"

--Keith W.

"Liz is warm, inviting and puts you at ease right away. After seeing Liz I feel much more grounded, stable, and my decision making is much better. My anxiety, something which has dominated my life for years, has decreased exponentially allowing me to be able to go off of two of my perscriptions!"


" Studio Kanta is a true gift for those on their quest for personal wellness. Liz is a phenomenal Reiki Master who established a warm, inviting and authentic whole person treatment approach. Liz is a kind and peaceful entity who takes the time to listen to each individual's needs and goals. Liz has created a comfortable cocoon for one to rejuvenate and transform within. Studio Kanta is the ideal place of personal serenity and energy replenishment."

-Mariah Devenish LSW, EMDR clinician
Reiki Practioner

"I recently went to see Liz for a Shamanic Soul Retrieval. She made sure from the beginning that I was comfortable and prepared for my session.  During the session I was able to release a lot of past trauma and feel the light come in. Since the session, I have really settled into myself. My true authentic self. I fell more in touch with my intuition. I am able to see more clearly, both spiritually and physically. I no longer need glasses to drive at night. The after care instructions and Liz's willingness to guide and offer guidance is something I have never experienced with anyone else.
I recommend a visit as soon as possible to start your journey to peace and freedom.
-- Tiffany

"Support of the Feminine Body" - an online workshop by Jenny Schiltz and Liz Guerra

Learn seed cycling to assist with hormonal issues and how to work with the moon to access your natural creativity, health and manifestation.

With all the stress and pollutants of today’s world we can become disconnected very easily, from our bodies, our cycles, and the elements.

Available at https://jennyschiltz.com/product/support-of-the-feminine-body-seed-cycling-workshop/