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You have already started your journey towards your higher healing. When we step forward towards growth, we give ourselves permission to our own healing. Wherever you find yourself in your journey to higher healing, I am here to support you and embrace your experience exactly where you are. So with that, I welcome you.

Studio Kanta combines many different holistic modalities to create individual experiences geared towards becoming balanced and aligned with Self and Purpose.

Holistic Healing encompasses work (toward alignment and balance) of mind, body, and spirit for the greater good of Self. Holistic Healing recognizes that true balance comes from intentional and consistent focus on all three aspects, not just one or another.

Holistic Healing methods have been pivotal in my own healing. A vast array of holistic modalities presented themselves to me in my own journey of healing from trauma, soul loss, and just the experience of being human. From Reiki, Cranial Sacral methods, Shamanic Practices, meditation, Soul Retrievals, Past Life Regressions, Yoga, and Curanderismo, these modalities, combined in many different ways, helped me achieve a deeper balance within myself. The wisdom and depth these different traditions carry opened me to a part of healing that I never thought possible. Life will always remain a journey with its ups and downs but with the right tools, all is manageable!

While working with my clients, I blend various modalities (learn more on each modality by clicking on individual links) based on the individual’s Spiritual beliefs and guidance from their Spiritual team. I take care to listen to each individual concern or need and am sensitive to diverse backgrounds and belief systems, even when one does not associate or consider themselves a part of a spiritual or religious practice. All are welcome!

My environment is safe, comfortable, and cleared after each client. Confidentiality of the client is of utmost importance in creating a sacred space of healing. Intention is placed around giving clients support to make informed choices about their personal healing journey. As a practitioner, I work WITH my clients to help them achieve healing for their own highest good. I also firmly believe in educating my clients by offering supportive resources. There are no secrets along the way, this is about YOU and support on YOUR journey.

This work truly saved my life and it is my privilege to hold space and facilitate these sessions for others to bring healing into their lives as well.

I am honored to be a part of your healing journey!

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Reiki Level 1 & 2 Workshop

January 29th (9AM-4PM) & 30th (9AM-2PM), 2022

Reiki taught in a safe, grounded, environment.

You will learn:

  • how to tap into your innermost self
  • to grow and support your own intuitions
  • How to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others
  • Creating positive shifts in your life
  • How to ground yourself to help keep a clearer mindset
  • Potential physical shifts
  • Stress management with Reiki

Liz's clients say:

"My time with Liz has truly been a gift in many ways. Liz's natural ability and authentic desire to nurture and share her work has been a crucial tool in my healing process. Now part of my self care routine, my sessions with Liz are invaluable."
-- Kayley R

"I am so grateful to Liz for the work she is doing with my 11 year old son. He struggles with anxiety and controlling his emotions. My son was very anxious prior to the first session but Liz was very patient and took time to explain to my son exactly what she would be doing and why, as well as answering his questions. I saw immediate improvement with his mood after the first session. He was more relaxed and even-tempered. As their work continued, the improvements have been even more noticeable and long lasting. She has taught my son and I relation and aromatherapy techniques to use at home as well. Liz is a blessing in out lives!"
--Jen G.

"Liz is POWERFUL! Go see her. No questioning. You found her for a reason. What awaits is destined to be and {is} perfect. I have received energy work and Reiki, consistently for more than a decade. She is the most powerful Reiki Master I have encountered. Period! She also offered an arsenal of other skills. I knew she was powerful before our session; however, during and after session I was extremely impressed and satisfied with her amazing skills. In my one hour-long session with Liz, she removed and balanced stubborn attachments and imbalances I had been working through for months and even years. In addition, the intuitive messages she passed along were accurate. Liz also empowered me through tips to remain in a healthy and releasing space between sessions. She is also available after your session to help you process some things that may unexpectedly appear a few days later. She is a gift to you and a powerful healing tool. You will leave refreshed and flowing. If you are new to Reiki, she's your woman! Happy Healing!" --Keith W.

" Studio Kanta is a true gift for those on their quest for personal wellness. Liz is a phenomenal Reiki Master who established a warm, inviting and authentic whole person treatment approach.
Liz is a kind and peaceful entity who takes the time to listen to each individual's needs and goals. Liz has created a comfortable cocoon for one to rejuvenate and transform within. Studio Kanta is the ideal place of personal serenity and energy replenishment."

-Mariah Devenish LSW, EMDR clinician
Reiki Practitioner

"I recently went to see Liz for a Shamanic Soul Retrieval. She made sure from the beginning that I was comfortable and prepared for my session.  During the session I was able to release a lot of past trauma and feel the light come in. Since the session, I have really settled into myself. My true authentic self. I fell more in touch with my intuition. I am able to see more clearly, both spiritually and physically. I no longer need glasses to drive at night. The after care instructions and Liz's willingness to guide and offer guidance is something I have never experienced with anyone else.
I recommend a visit as soon as possible to start your journey to peace and freedom.
-- Tiffany

Our Services in Detail

Holistic Services

Other Services


Working toward achieving balance of mind, body, and spirit. These sessions blend modalities of shamanism, curanderismo, cranial sacral, herbalism, and reiki; based on what the client desires to achieve (yes, just a relaxation session works!). Care is taken to listen to the individual’s needs, beliefs (even if one does not associate or has created their own), and guidance from their Spiritual team.

It is important after any session to drink plenty of water, as the body is deeply detoxing. Protein is also important. Nature is always recommend to help further ground you after a session

Initial sessions run about 80 min, Follow Up Sessions are typically 50 minutes, though a 80 min may be booked. SESSIONS AVAILABLE LONG DISTANCE AS WELL

  • Initial Session ...................... $135
  • 50 Min Session ................... $105
  • 80 Min Session ................... $135
  • Long Distance Session ....... $160
  • Spiritual Counseling............ $105/135

Schedule a Holistic Session

In the times of the ancient Greeks, a doula was a servant to the mother who was giving birth. The role of the doula has not changed by much to this day. Doulas are an addition to the mother’s birth team. We are not a substitute for doctors or midwives. The role of the doula is to make sure the mother is well informed of all of her options, being heard in her wishes for her birth experience, emotional support, partner support, physical support, clarifying goals and helping voice any fears. A doula remains a calm presence before, during and after labor.

Here at Studio Kanta we have experience with hospital, home, and OR births

I believe in post birth check-ins, to continue the support for mom, even when she is at home with baby.

Booking doula services with Studio Kanta will bring 2 prenatal visits, labor and delivery, and 2 post natal follow ups.

Please email or call for more information.

My Clients Say:

"I was guided to Liz through a close mutual friend. When we first met, Liz said that I was a “soul sister” and I immediately felt at home in her presence. Though we met, initially, for her to work on my heart strings... I found out that I needed her to be with me on a different journey - the birth of my son as my doula. I knew that Liz would gladly join me in home birth. While my labor was hazy, this I know... Liz was my beacon that I kept returning to when I was whisked away on the waves of my surges, in the moments of doubt and reassurance. She was kind, loving and gentle. I could feel her love pulsing through the air as I labored - lessening my pain and bringing me back to a place of calm. My husband said that Liz added to the success of my home birth. She is steadfast, a pillar of strength and the embodiment of love. It was an honor to have her by my side."

Being taught in a safe, grounded, environment, you will learn how to tap into your innermost self, to grow and support your own intuitions.
We will also work on:

  • How to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others
  • Creating positive shifts in your life
  • How to ground yourself to help keep a clearer mindset
  • Potential physical shifts
  • Stress mangement with Reiki

Not only will you be introduced into a whole new experience but you will have lasting support from the Reiki community. More...


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