Holistic Services

Working toward achieving balance of mind, body, and spirit. These sessions blend modalities of shamanism, curanderismo, cranial sacral, herbalism, and reiki; based on what the client desires to achieve (yes, just a relaxation session works!). Care is taken to listen to the individual’s needs, beliefs (even if one does not associate or has created their own), and guidance from their Spiritual team.

It is important after any session to drink plenty of water, as the body is deeply detoxing. Protein is also important. Nature is always recommend to help further ground you after a session

Initial sessions run about 80 min, Follow Up Sessions are typically 50 minutes, though a 80 min may be booked. SESSIONS AVAILABLE LONG DISTANCE AS WELL

  • Initial Session ...................... $135
  • 50 Min Session ................... $105
  • 80 Min Session ................... $135
  • Long Distance Session ....... $160
  • Spiritual Counseling............ $105/135

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Holistic healing

My clients say:

"I was sick but the doctors could never tell me what was really wrong. I had sinus infection after sinus infection, along with some constant fatigue, weight gain, and no better explanation than i just felt like crap all the time. So I was told to get all the blood testing done. It was so disheartening to hear that all my results came back saying I was a healthy woman in my late 20's. There was no answer for the pain, no specialist they could send me too and they never even asked or brought up my mental health. I felt crazy. They were saying that nothing was wrong but everything felt so wrong. The responsibility was handed back to me and I tried to just push through like a "normal" person. In the end I felt like a failure.  Anything I knew or had been taught to cope with was not working. I came to the conclusion I was just depressed and I needed to get over it by myself. At the same time I was blessed with a beautiful gift. A session with Liz. A session I will remember forever. She was able to crack open this shell of a woman I had become, enough for some healing to sneak in. I cried hard but they were not the same desperate tears that had been escaping my soul the last couple of years. These were tears of real true healing. During that session I was reminded that there was hope and my life would not always hurt so much, all the time. I have been going to her for soon to be 4 years now. There are no words that could ever truly explain what happens in our sessions. I just want to be very honest and share that  I have been able to heal a miscarriage, a sexual assault, lots of childhood trauma and so many others. She has educated me on herbal medicine and building up my immune system through a holistic approach. This has enabled my body to fight off all the little things that were putting in bed for days. I went from having 9 sinus infections in a year to only 1, which was quickly combated with mixture of oregano oil, apple cider vinegar and a rosemary steam. I still work with her for healing my endometriosis, anxiety and whatever else pops up. Healing is your own personal journey but mine does not exist without Liz. I wish I went to her sooner. When you go to her, which everyone should, I promise you will be held in unconditional light and love."
Chantel S.

"Support of the Feminine Body" - an online workshop by Jenny Schiltz and Liz Guerra

Learn seed cycling to assist with hormonal issues and how to work with the moon to access your natural creativity, health and manifestation.

With all the stress and pollutants of today’s world we can become disconnected very easily, from our bodies, our cycles, and the elements.

Available at https://jennyschiltz.com/product/support-of-the-feminine-body-seed-cycling-workshop/