Holistic Health Practitioner - Liz Guerra

Liz Guerra is a Shamanic Practitioner, Curandera, Reiki Master-Teacher, a doula for both birth and death, as well as a spiritual (mind, body, spirit) educator.

The specialties of her practice are primarily shamanic work, i.e., soul retrievals, journey work, simple ceremony and curanderismo, the Mexican healing arts, i.e, limpias (energetic clearings), fire cupping, sustos, empachos, and ceremony. Both modalities envelope the importance of mind, body, and spirit health. Liz’s vast knowledge of herbs and remedies support her clients through an array of health changes. Liz also specializes in working with women struggling to find balance after miscarriage, abortion, or other female issues.

In search for her own healing from trauma, Liz felt a pull towards the spiritual/ energetic connection of life. Not only was she able to dive deeply and successfully into her own healing, Liz also decided to open her life to the intention of learning this work, so she could share knowledge and experiences with others. With this guidance, she believes we all have the ability to bring healing into our lives, for our greater good. When we work on ourselves within, in return what we project outward, is healing towards others.

This personal transformation could not have been achieved without the strong support of God’s Guidance, support of family, and incredible healers from all backgrounds. Liz had the honor of working and learning from healers of Shamanic practices, curanderos, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and energetic practitioners.

Liz continues her journey forward, both as student and teacher.

"Support of the Feminine Body" - an online workshop by Jenny Schiltz and Liz Guerra

Learn seed cycling to assist with hormonal issues and how to work with the moon to access your natural creativity, health and manifestation.

With all the stress and pollutants of today’s world we can become disconnected very easily, from our bodies, our cycles, and the elements.

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