Being taught in a safe, grounded, environment, you will learn how to tap into your innermost self, to grow and support your own intuitions.
We will also work on:

  • How to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others
  • Creating positive shifts in your life
  • How to ground yourself to help keep a clearer mindset
  • Potential physical shifts
  • Stress mangement with Reiki

Not only will you be introduced into a whole new experience but you will have lasting support from the Reiki community. More...


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"Support of the Feminine Body" - an online workshop by Jenny Schiltz and Liz Guerra

Learn seed cycling to assist with hormonal issues and how to work with the moon to access your natural creativity, health and manifestation.

With all the stress and pollutants of today’s world we can become disconnected very easily, from our bodies, our cycles, and the elements.

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