Soul Retrieval

What is a Soul Retrieval (Soul Part Retrieval)?

This method of healing stems from Shamanism, a form of spiritual healing. In Shamanism, the practitioner connects with the client’s spiritual guidance team to collect information for the client.

With the method of Soul Retrieval, the practitioner returns to the client any loss of life essence from an emotional or physical trauma. Trauma of any sort can create a hole in the person where illness, or dis-ease may manifest. At times, a client may state that they feel empty, or not fully present. When trauma occurs, the essence or part of the essence tends to leave the body so that the person can survive. Often times, the essence does not return, creating the need for a soul retrieval.

The shamanic practitioner, in a safe and healing environment, will drop into a meditation, or journey and using guidance from the client’s healing team, the practitioner will collect the loss pieces of essence and return to the client. This allows the client to be more complete, powerful and power filled with their own soul essence. The client will be able to balance more within and return to a place of higher healing.

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