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Reiki Master Teacher - Liz Guerra

Liz Guerra is a Reiki Master Teacher and energy practitioner, yoga instructor, as well as a spiritual (mind, body, spirit) educator.

Always feeling a pull towards the spiritual/energy connection of life, Liz decided to open her life to the intention of learning this work so she could share knowledge and experiences with others. With this guidance, she believes we all have the ability to bring healing into our lives, for our greater good. When we work on ourselves within, in return what we project outward, is healing towards others.

Yoga teacher training helped Liz gain the confidence and stable platform she needed to propel herself forward. Leaving her full-time job, she began to delve into energy work and training full time. Within the year, she received training in 2 styles of yoga, Reiki training, aromatherapy, as well as Shamanic and hospice training as a transition guide (death doula). Liz has also studied at the University of New Mexico's Curanderismo (Mexican Healing Arts) program and is also a birth doula.

This all couldn't have been done without the guidance of God, His guides, and a strong, supportive band of family and friends. Liz will continue her journey forward, both as student and teacher.

Liz is a member of Yoga Alliance and IARP (International Association of Reiki Practitioners).