Birth Doula

Some text about birth doulaing...


I was guided to Liz through a close mutual friend. When we first met, Liz said that I was a “soul sister” and I immediately felt at home in her presence. Though we met, initially, for her to work on my heart strings... I found out that I needed her to be with me on a different journey - the birth of my son as my doula. I knew that Liz would gladly join me in home birth. While my labor was hazy, this I know... Liz was my beacon that I kept returning to when I was whisked away on the waves of my surges, in the moments of doubt and reassurance. She was kind, loving and gentle. I could feel her love pulsing through the air as I labored - lessening my pain and bringing me back to a place of calm. My husband said that Liz added to the success of my home birth. She is steadfast, a pillar of strength and the embodiment of love. It was an honor to have her by my side.

Tommi Sue S.