Reiki Level 1 & 2 Workshop

Woman receiving reiki treatmentJoin us in our next Level 1 and 2 Reiki Workshop...

Ancient eastern wisdom has gifted us with the awareness of an energy flow that moves through all living things. In yoga world, we most often refer to this as "prana". When this prana is strong, we feel strong within and that is reflected through our lives in many aspects. When this flow in compromised, we are more prone to stress and sickness.

Reiki is a technique used to increase this positive flow of energy.

Discover the amazing world of Reiki! Whether your goal is simply to practice Reiki for yourself and loved ones, the awareness that learning Reiki brings to oneself is worthwhile.

Being taught in a safe, grounded, environment, you will learn how to tap into your innermost self, to grow and support your own intuitions.
We will also work on:

  • How to give Reiki treatments to yourself and others
  • Creating positive shifts in your life
  • How to ground yourself to help keep a clearer mindset
  • Potential physical shifts
  • Stressmangement with Reiki

Not only will you be introduced into a whole new experience but you will have lasting support from the Reiki community.

All students will receive Reiki treatments and attunements and leave with a vast knowledge of the Reiki experience and ideals, along with the ability to perform Reiki.

SEATING IS LIMITED - $400 total for Workshops 1 & 2.

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